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Little Big Weddings

Perfect For Smaller Intimate Weddings

A perfect blend of grandeur and intimacy tailored for your smaller yet significant wedding. At our venue nestled within the breathtaking Cotswolds, we believe that every love story, no matter its size, deserves to be celebrated with elegance and style. Our “Little Big Wedding” package offers a meticulously curated experience that captures the essence of your unique journey.

Our Little Big Wedding Package

Experience the beauty of an intimate ceremony whilst still basking in a touch of grandeur. We understand that every couple’s vision is unique, which is why we offer a range of differently sized rooms to perfectly accommodate your requirements. Our kitchen team are delighted to work closely with you to customise your menu according to your preferences, dietary needs, and desired theme – whether it be a tea party or a grazing table! Elevate your intimate wedding experience with a thoughtfully curated selection of drink options that perfectly complement the charm of your celebration. From sophisticated sips to personalized concoctions!

Why Choose This Package

  • Intimate and personal food offerings

  • Focused on romance

  • Opulent simplicity

  • Minimum of 2 guests

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Wedding Planner

I have been passionate about Weddings for many years now, and it’s a real pleasure to bring someone’s special day together and see the happiness it brings! I will be there all the way to plan your perfect day, stress-free.

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